Hexmag  AR-15 Magazines MADE IN U.S.A

  • Superior Grip is achieved with our Patented hexagonal surface pattern as well as the pronounced ribbing on the front and back of the magazine. This combination provides a comfortable and sturdy grip when completing magazine changes.  
  • The Hexmag Anti-Tilt Follower was engineered with equal length legs to prevent tilting forward or backwards keeping the ammo in a straight double stack. 
  • The High visibility, Hexmag Orange Follower allows for safer clearing of your rifle’s chamber.
  • Tool Free Design, no tools or bullet tips are needed to remove the base plate and disassemble the magazine for cleaning or changing the HexID color identification system.
  • A Heat Treated 17-7 PH Stainless Steel Spring, allows for long term magazine storage while fully loaded. Stainless steel resists corrosion unlike music wire or silicon steel springs.
  • Hexmag magazines feature a Fiber Reinforced Polymer Construction that is lighter than other leading AR-15 magazines. Perfect for competition shooters looking for weight savings. 
  • 5.56 x 45 NATO / .223 Remington, 300AAC Blackout approved, (both supersonic and subsonic .300AAC blackout ammo) .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf tested working by independent manufacturers.
  • National Tactical Officers Association tested and approved. NTOA