Earn your Concealed Carry Handgun Certification while gaining valuable information pertaining to the legal aspects of concealed carry and use of force.

PatriotTAC hosts Concealed Carry Handgun Courses in Swansboro and in Holly Ridge. PatriotTAC's lead instructor has extensive Marine Corps and federal law enforcement experience. He has been a firearms and tactics instructor for his entire adult life and holds numerous federal, military, and corporate instructor certifications.. The lead instructor for this course also has a degree in Criminal Justice and the law enforcement experience to provide you with personal and professional insight into the inner working of the legal system, court processes, and what you should expect to happen if you had to use deadly force. Class sizes are kept at optimal sizes to prevent unnecessary waiting around and the instructor to student ratios are closely considered to ensure the safety and training value of each student. For more information visit the website at www.PatriotTAC.com. You can register via our website or by stopping in at Stumpies Custom Guns at the top of the hill in Swansboro.