Premium quality*RH*bolt-action manufactured by the Austrian Mannlicher factory.Legendary accuracy and superb craftsmanship;since 1864.Custom professional hunter with European style bolt;adjustable *HARD-CHROME*target trigger,and adjustable GRAY synthetic stock.Unique;cold-hammer forged 23.5"barreled action.Coated with a diamond-hard, blackened Tennifer metal finish; for superior protection from the elements.Modern technology and materials;with old-world build quality!**Includes:(40)rounds of safari-grade PREMIUM ammunition;(2)-additional factory magazines,and LEUPOLD rings and bases.Importation stopped;due to manufacturing cost.NO comparison in *QUALITY* for $$$---1500---$$$;in the $uper-premium rifle category.*NEW*-in-the-*BOX*! CA$H qualified WI.BUYER*CALLS ONLY*@REDACTED).---As this is*NOT*a must-sell situation,terms and conditions are available.***NO***response ability to e-mail or text.