Lonely Mountain Arms is a federally licensed firearms dealer located in Starksboro VT.

Ruger 10/22 - "Liberty Training Rifle" - 10+1 - Used - .22LR - $349

Liberty Training Rifle - This is a modified 10/22; when the ammo shortages first hit around 2008, .22 LR was still available, but centerfire was not. So a set of modifications was devised that would take some of the most common .22 rifles on the market and turn them into rifles better suited for marksmanship training.
The factory sights have been replaced with Tech Sights (M16-A1 sights).
Sling swivel studs, detachable swivels and a USGI M1 Garand type sling have been installed.
An extended mag release has also been added.
The bolt release has been replaced with an auto bolt release.
The trigger has been reworked to about a 3lb trigger.

We have one left, and it comes with one magazine and the GI sling. Extra 10 rd magazines are available (or 25 rd mags, if you live in a state where they're legal).

This firearm IS legal to sell to Massachusetts, NY, NJ, etc - Even NY if you have a semi-auto permit or the semi-auto endorsement on your pistol permit.