The Warlock 22 has an exceptional strength to weight ratio, and is one of the lightest .22LR silencers on the market. The Warlock 22 is made up of an aluminum tube and aluminum baffles utilizing the Click Together Assembly (CTA) design which ensures the silencer remains easy to clean — even after long days at the range. The extensive use of aluminum in the construction of the Warlock 22 gives it a total weight of only 3 ounces so end users don’t have to contend with unwanted additional weight at the muzzle of the mated firearm. The Warlock 22 is a great example of world-class performance delivered at the right price.

This is a demo unit that went to the range one time with less than 10 rounds fired thru it. 

I will form 3 to your dealer or form 4 if you are local to Fayetteville, Ga

Shipping included for Form 3, Add 3% for credit card

All NFA Rules Apply 

Contact for more details, or if you have quesitons on the NFA process. 

Tax stamp purchase required