This is a Colt Service Model ACE in unfired condition that was produced as part of the Sam Colt Signature Series Special Edition run. The service model ACE was reintroduced and manufactured from 1978 to 1982. These were a display piece and sample of a Special Edition issue kept by the Colt factory, and to be placed in the archives. The Ace Service Model was specially designed with a chamber that increases the recoil four-fold in order to approximate the recoil and weight of shooting a 45 auto. Features fixed front and adjustable rear sights, serrated spur hammer and trigger with a serrated back strap grip extension, grip and thumb safety, serrated slide, 10-shot magazine and smooth rosewood grips with Custom Shop coat-of-arms medallion inlays on both sides. The left side of the slide features the image of the Colt factory dome and is marked, "1836 Sam Colt 1981 inside a gold etched banner with floral scroll gold etching flanking both sides and the Colt Custom Shop coat-of-arms to the rear of the slide serrations. The right side of the slide is almost identically marked in gold etching with the exception of the writing inside the banner which reads, "Colt Ace 22 Long Rifle Hartford, Ct." in cursive script. NIB