Never Fired (200 Rounds of .50 BMG Ammo also available) 

The Robar RC-50 is a bolt-action anti-materiel precision rifle chambered in .50 BMG 12.7 × 99 mm NATO) manufactured by Robar Companies, Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona.

The RC-50 is an anti-materiel rifle of US origin. It was originally developed by Robar for civilian target shooting at long ranges. Since 12.7mm rifles started to be used by the military the RC-50 is also marketed for law enforcement and military use. The RC-50 was also promoted as a counter-sniper rifle.

Due to its long and heavy barrel its accuracy is very good and sub MOA accuracy can be achieved. With match ammunition targets out to 2000 m can be engaged.

Like many anti-material rifles, the RC-50 can be used to perform anti-sniper missions, destroy enemy light vehicles, radar, aircraft, and annihilate enemy personnel. In order to reduce the recoil, the RC-50 is equipped with a muzzle brake, with a cushioning stock. It is equipped with a bipod. The rifle's detachable magazines have a capacity of five rounds of .50 BMG. The RC-50's bolt is similar to the Remington 700 long action but scaled up to use the larger cartridge.

The RC-50 is currently being used by special forces in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and United States. And has been deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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