I have 29 sets of reloading dies for rifle calibers and pistol/revolver calibers available for sale. All dies/die sets are in excellent condition and have been properly stored and cared for over the years. Some dies are complete factory sets and some are individual dies. Most are complete sets made by RCBS, and most individual dies are RCBS also. There are standard dies/sets that need to be used with case lube, and there are tungsten carbide dies/sets that do not need case lube but require pre-cleaning cases before use. First photo is of carbide dies/sets, second photo is of standard non-carbide dies/sets. Listed quantities, calibers, and prices of each below, or buy the whole package for $900.00 cash. The rifle die sets and individual rifle dies have expander dimension tags to the 10/thousandth where applicable. Prices are cash, no checks, no cards, no trades, no shipping, no games. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call Bob at 202 664-6729 I am located in west Phenix City/Ladonia



2-RCBS         .38 spl   3 die set with #6 shellholder                                       $25.00 ea

1-RCBS           .223 2 die set                                                                       $30.00

1-RCBS           .22-250     2 die set                                                              $30.00

1-RCBS           6.5x55 Mauser     2 die set                                                    $30.00

1-RCBS           7x57 Mauser     2 die set w/Lyman neck sizer die                    $40.00

                                                 and trim die and trimmer tool

1-Lee               7x57 Mauser     3 die set includes factory crimp die               $25.00

1-C&H Tool   .270win. 2 die set                                                                   $25.00

1-RCBS         .270win. 2 die set                                                                  $30.00

1-RCBS         .308win. F.L. sizer die only                                                     $20.00

2-RCBS         .30-06 springfield 2 die set                                                    $30.00ea

1-RCBS         .30-06 springfield seat/crimp die only                                     $20.00

3-RCBS         .300win.mag. 2 die set                                                          $30.00 ea

1-RCBS         .300win.mag. neck sizer die only                                            $30.00

1-RCBS         .300win.mag. F.L. sizer die only                                             $25.00




1-RCBS        .32auto   3 die set                                                                 $50.00

1-RCBS         .32S&Wlong/.32H&Rmag. 3 die set                                        $95.00

1-RCBS         .38/.357mag 3 die set                                                          $50.00

1-RCBS         .38/.357mag 2 die set (no seat/crimp die)                             $35.00

2-RCBS         .40S&W/10mm 3 die set                                                      $50.00 ea

1-RCBS         .41mag 3 die set                                                                 $50.00

1-RCBS         .44mag/.44spl 3 die set                                                       $50.00

2-RCBS         .45acp 3 die set                                                                  $50.00ea




1-PACIFIC DURACHROME   .41mag 3 die set                                              $35.00

Current prices on NEW standard die sets are $43.95 - $49.95 + shipping.  Current NEW prices on Tungsten Carbide die sets are $68.95 - $79.95 + shipping. (Grafs, Midway USA, Natchez Shooter Supply, and others)