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After the end of WW2 Hungary was limited to a 25,000 member military. Only the following weapons were available in the hands of the military: 10,600 35M and 43M Mannlicher rifles, 6250 39M, 43M and MP-40 Machine Pistols, and 1274 Pistols in various calibers. The Hungarian military purchased a limited number of Soviet firearms, including M91/30 and M44 Mosin Nagants, PPSh41 machine pistols and TT33 pistols.
By 1948 Hungary was pressured through the Warsaw Pact to purchase the license from the Soviet Union for the manufacture of Mosin Nagant and other Soviet weapons. Production seems to have been confined to good-quality copies of the Soviet Model 1944 carbine, known as 48.M (48 Minta) in Hungary.