Yugoslavia model 59/66 SKS in really nice condition and MATCHING, semi automatic rifle that fires 7.62x39mm Soviet short round. Like many firearms from Soviet Tokarev, German MG34 machine guns, Soviet AK47 Kalshnikov and RPKs the experts firearm designer in Yugoslavia improved on the base firearm (yes with a pen and paper for the most part, limited if any computers in 1966). In the case of the Yugoslavian SKS first model 59, in about 1966 they improved the design incorporated tritium night flip up sights and 22mm grenade launcher with an improved gas system to accommodate single grenade lunching rounds. This is really the most sophisticated SKS money can buy, they are not making any more. This one is in Very Good condition all matching serial numbers, with minor exceptions. so some of the electric pencil numbers vary like the rear sight. There may be a number that doesn't match somewhere, but I pictured the major components all matching. The bore has strong rifling and has a shine. There is wear and tear, finish loss, scratches, dents, dings, and a very small stock repair by the butt plate (pictured), etc. This is your chance to fill your collection if its missing a Yugo SKS, or would make a excellent target or hunting rifle. I use my personal Yugo SKS for deer, excellent mid range 30 cal cartridge for deer or Javelina, if your lucky enough to draw a tag in Arizona, season starts in October/November. Finding remaining surplus is getting very hard and expensive to obtain. You can take your dice roll with the importers, but someone paying full price is going to get the bottom of the barrel boat anchor bad ones left in the lot imported. The pictures are the actual rifle you will receive, its pictured. This one is in stock and ready to take home, if you send your $30 in for a C&R license you can have it shipped to your house in most states. YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER TO PURCHASE IN ARIZONA.  I SHIP TO ANY LEGAL STATE. Credit cards accepted with a 2.99% non cash fee. Sales tax on all sales unless shipped out of state, stock and prices subject to change without notice. NOT FOR SALE WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. 7 DAY A WEEK PHONE INFORMATION HOTLINE 52O 790 5017.