1943 WWII Springfield M1 Garand SPRINGFIELD .30-06

Serial #14634180 (March 1943). Owning an M1 Garand means a lot more than just owning a firearm, it's about owning a piece of history that protected our freedoms and won a world war! This rifle features a 24" SA 7-43 TE2MWI barrel, full wood stock and barrel cover, steel flat storage plunger butt plate, bayonet lug, rear adjustable peep sight and shrouded front blade sight. Also features a USGI canvas sling, narrow base gas cylinder saw cut, milled trigger guard, SA-12 trigger housing, SA-5 hammer, 125A bolt, and "no hump M". Stamping on top of the receiver are crisp and clear. Stock clearly stamped "RA-P" on the base of the grip and proofmark "P". This rifle appears to be in great condition for its age and history!