This is a high quality, aluminum muzzle brake compensator. It is made in the USA (Minnesota actually).

Features include:
- 10mm and .40 caliber, or .45 caliber
- New feature, side slit clap, and two #6 screws hold the brake on the barrel
- Easy install!! Easy removal for cleaning!!
- .40/10mm threaded for 9/16"-24 tpi right handed threads
- .45 cal threaded in .578-18 or M16x1LH
- COUNTERBORED: this feature on the slide facing side lets the brake get closer to the slide to make the gap smaller! (see picture of the side view)
- width is sized to match the Glock 17, 19, and 26 (0.97" wide - measure yours to see if it will match)
- since it is .030" narrower than the Glock 17 size slide, it will easily holster
- flush with the top of the glock slide
- distance (or gap) from the front of the slide depends on your particular barrel but is reduced by up to 3/16" because of the Counterbore.
- add roughly 0.76" to the length of the barrel (however far out yours sticks)
- Made of 6061 Aluminum
- Gray or Black Type III Hard Coat Anodize.
- retained with two #6-32 x 3/8" SHCS, included.
- tighten set screws to 10-12 inch pounds

This reduces felt recoil for concealed carry, competition, or duty. Works better with higher grain/higher power loads (they have more gas to push back against the brake with). In some cases, very light gamer loads will not cycle the action unless springs are changed out.

Set screws are tightened with a 7/64" allen L-wrench (included). When tightened down the tops of the allen screws are below flush with the side of the compensator. On screws this small about 10 inch pounds is all the tighter you want to get them.

You can loctite the set screws and the comp on if you want with temporary loctite (not included). See my store for individual tubes of Loctite if you need it!

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