James River Armory model Gallant, remanufactured and modified Israeli Galil. This version has the hard to find bayonet lug BUT does NOT include the pictured bayonet or attached bipod. These were actual battle field full automatic service rifles used by Israel, then demilled and imported to the United States. James River then remanufactured these rifles with new barrels and milled receivers. Most of the rest of the kit 80% finish and is "as seen on the battle field" appearance. ATF fully 922R compliant and built in Semi Automatic rate of fire only, so anyone over 18 years old that can buy a hunting shotgun, can buy one of these in states where legal. James River is known for their expert part kit rebuilds of the M1 Garand, BM59, Polish AKM, Russian AKM, Yugo M72 and others the list goes on. If you have thought about building one or having one built, the cost of parts kits are way up there, if you can find one. Plus, then you will need additional US semi auto parts, receiver, barrel and likely more. All of that sourcing and you still need to cover the gunsmith labor to assembly it. The beauty of this rifle, James River Armory had/has a full production line of these rifles and backs them up with a full factory warranty should you ever need it. So in the unlikely event you need a service repair, your not alone and have a major manufacture behind you. Here is supplier/manufacture additional information; For all practical purposes, our Gallant rifle looks and performs like its original Galil predecessor however the Gallant features a unique upgrade over the original. The original Galil rifle utilizes a free-floating firing pin within the bolt body which is typically fine for military purposes when using hard primer ammunition but could create a problem with soft primer commercial ammo. The Gallant rifle has addressed that potential issue by modifying the bolt to house a spring-loaded firing pin. These have worked great in extensive test firing sessions and substantially reduce the risk of any unintended slam fire. All rifles feature the traditional Galil-style side-folding butt stocks and receiver-mounted safety levers. Rifles also feature a brand new U.S.-made 1 in 9 twist 18" barrel. This is the correct twist rate for this barrel weight and length and these rifles have shown tremendous accuracy while being able to handle a wide variety of bullet weights effectively. The Gallant barrel also incorporates the original muzzle brake/compensator to reduce recoil and upward muzzle climb. All rifles incorporate an ergonomically enhanced pistol grip by Phoenix Technologies which makes this rifle extremely comfortable to shoot. Just like the original Galil our Gallant rifles are chambered in 5.56 Nato. They feature the original, untouched all-steel side-folding buttstock that locks up tight in both the folded and the extended position. Rifles also feature the original long-stroke AK47 piston-driven gas system which is full-auto rated and has proven to be one of the most reliable operating systems in the world. The receivers are made from very high-quality 4140 tool steel billet which is properly heat-treated, polished, and then meticulously parkerized. These receivers are dimensionally identical to the original Galil receivers and even incorporate the slot for the Israeli side rail scope mount which has been milled into the forward left-hand side of the receiver. Each Gallant receiver also features a beautiful and unique Sword Through Star Of David emblem that pays homage to the great heritage that these fine rifles represent. The Gallant utilizes the original Galil safety lever on the right side of the receiver as well as the safety thumb selector switch that sits above the pistol grip on the left, and both safety selectors are functional. All Gallant rifles incorporate the original Galil sight system which consists of a post front sight and a select-able dual aperture rear peep sight. The rifle has the bayonet lug it will accept the U.S. M16 style M7 bayonet just like the original Galil. Stock photo used is a good representation of the rifle you will receive. Sales tax only collected for residents of Arizona. CREDIT CARD accepted 2.99% for non cash processing. Stock and pricing subject to change without notice. WE ARE A BRICK AND MORTAR STORE, 7 DAY A WEEK PHONE INFORMATION HOTLINE 52O 790 5017.