Hard to find Pioneer Arms AK47 type Semi Automatic rifle, fires 7.62x39mm and takes normal AK mags and Drums. These are marked RADOM POLAND, where a lot of the production is completed. Then further manufacture and parts added to be FULLY US legal. This is about as close as you can get to a Imported Polish AK currently being imported at a reasonable price. With new calls for gun control and the current political environment, this may be one of the last chances to purchase, at any price. Stock photos used, I have more than one and all the rifles look basically the same. NO HARD CASE INCLUDED, only a box and one HI CAP mag, may vary from picture. Must be 18 years of age or older to buy, plus fill out paperwork. I SHIP TO ANY STATE WHERE LEGAL. Sales tax only collected for residents of Arizona. CREDIT CARD accepted 2.99% for non cash processing. Stock and pricing subject to change without notice. 7 DAY A WEEK PHONE INFORMATION HOTLINE 52O 790 5017.