Colt Commando model 6933 AR15 carbine with extra short 11.5 inch barrel. 100% factory built NFA short barreled rifle. From the deserts of the middle east, through the jungles of south America, to your home town law enforcements agencies, Colt a global military weapons manufacture provides professional grade weapons for those who don't want second best. These don't come up to often to the general public for ownership, here your chance to own one. NFA ownership since 12/21 has became simple and stream line with Electronic filings through NFA Eforms. Wait times said to be as short as 60 days, however I have not personally seen the system results that fast yet. Easy process, about the same as filling out your normal 4473 to buy any gun at your usual gunshop. It does cost an extra $200 to pay for the weapon stamp that is good for as long as you own the firearm. ATF is currently considering the legality of the "arm braces", this might be the best way to go if your looking for a AR with a handy short barrel. This rifle is held on a form 3 currently and is a quick and easy transfer to your local NFA dealer. This is a 100% factory rifle with a FULL FACTORY WARRANTY through Colt. We are a COLT authorized brick and mortar dealer in Arizona. Sales tax only collected for residents of Arizona. CREDIT CARD accepted 2.99% for non cash processing. Stock and pricing subject to change without notice. WE ARE A BRICK AND MORTAR STORE, 7 DAY A WEEK PHONE INFORMATION HOTLINE 52O 790 5017.