These are nearly impossible to find, only two in stock. Henry Repeating Arms, model H001 .22LR. These rifles are really nice. They didn't cut corner making them, even so the price is under $400. Real Walnut stocks, awesome craftsmanship made in the USA, right on the east coast in New Jersey. Fit and function is tight, even wrapped in old school type oil clear packing. If you looking for one of these, be sure to ask if it is the "adult" size. They did and mostlikely still do in the "youth" size. The ones I sell are full size, ready to go plinking, hunting and target shooting. Limited amount to sell, only $369. All items plus sale tax; prices and stock subject to change without notice. Not for sale where prohibited by law. Credit cards accepted with a 2.99% handling fee. Layaway available on most items, call for details. I ship to all state where this rifle is legal. 7 DAY A WEEK PHONE HOTLINE 52O 790 5017.