WWII "Collector Quality" 1943 Springfield M1 Garand    MFG: "August 1943" SA Receiver SER#(1926XXX) - 1943 SA Barrel "S-A-8-43"  

The M1 Garand is graded by the Civilian Marksmanship Program "CMP" as a "Service Grade", which means the rifle is combat ready! **See Below - CMP Service Grade Definition** 

  • All Authentic USGI Parts.
  • No US Government "IMPORT" Marks!
  • Certificate of Authenticity "COA

M1 Rifle Details / Parts List : All Springfield Parts & "Period Correct" for August 1943!

NICE looking Mid-1943 War 2 SA M1 Garand with a matching original receiver / barrel combo! Shortly after WW2 the M1 rifles were overhauled, upgraded and kept stored by US Arsenals until the next major conflict (Korean War). This rifle was hardly molested by the arsenal, "original barrel" (SA 8-43 "punched marked / chamber in white). Almost every US weapon got processed through US arsenals and those RARE M1's that evaded them are considered highly collectible. The barrel has a nice bright bore with gauge readings at (1+) for the muzzle erosion (ME) and (3+) for the throat erosion (TE). These are both considered "GOOD" readings and well within our Military Service specifications (Barrel Gauged in Pics) . The M1 has a beautiful walnut G.I WW2 stock with a visible ordinance bomb stamped on the heel and the General Inspector SA cartouche stamped into the left side of the stock. This M1 Garand is fitted with "ALL"  Springfield G.I parts and 1943 period correct . 

M1 Rifle Package Includes: 

  • Custom Hard Plastic Carry Case 
  • Certificate of Authenticity "COA" 
  • (1) 8rd Enbloc (Email for Additional Enbloc's)
  • Real G.I Sling
  • Authentic GI Ammo Bandolier  
M1 Garand Part Specifics: "SA" = Springfield, "HRA" = Harrington and Richardson, "WRA" = Winchester and "IHC" = International Harvester 
  • SA Walnut G.I Stock "WW2"
  • SA -12 Bolt "WW2"
  • SA - 6 Modified OPROD  "WW2"
  • SA -12 Trigger Housing "WW2"
  • SA - 3 Hammer "WW2"
  • SA Trigger "WW2"
  • SA - 9 Safety "WW2"
  • SA Milled Trigger Guard "WW2"
  • SA Spring Guide Rod 
  • SA OPROD Catch "WW2"
  • SA 11 Slide / Follower "WW2"
  • SA Forged Bullet Guide "WW2"
  • SA Follower Assembly "WW2"
  • SA Gas Cylinder "Wide Base" 
  • SA Rear Sights - Type 2 Lockbar
  • SA Front Sight "WW2"
You get the BEST of both worlds here...A beautiful period correct M1 Garand from 1943. Full of remarkable US history, makes for a great talking piece as well as a fully operational shooter.... PING....

The M1 Garand is a MUST have for any Collector of WWII Period Weapons!

Timeline of World War II (1943) - Wikipedia


Service Grade Rifles will show less wear and a better cosmetic appearance than a Field or Rack Grade. Cosmetic condition will be good to very good.  Rifle finish may vary, exhibiting normal wear and/or color variation among the metal parts.  May have some visible pitting, frosting, or other minor cosmetic deformity on the metal parts. Stock sets may consist of any species of wood (or combination thereof); and could exhibit dents, dings, scratches, and/or structurally insignificant cracks. New production, commercial stock sets may be used, and will likely exhibit signs of wear and prior use.  Bores will be bright, and free of any major defect that would be visible to the naked eye. The exterior circumference of the barrel crown may be nicked, dented, or dinged, but such deformity will not extend into the bore.  Service Grade muzzles will gauge “3 or less” and the throat erosion will gauge less than 5.  A reasonable allowance for gauge tolerances will be afforded