Manufacturer: SWD
Model: M-11
Type: SEMI
Gauge: 9 mm parabellum
Barrel: 16 inch THREADED
Finish: matte black
Stock: metal
A descendant of the original Military Armament Corporation M-11 380 ACP machine pistol, the SWD M-11/Nine upgrades TO CARBINE and the caliber to 9mm Parabellum (aka 9x19, 9mm NATO, etc.) and extended the frame and receiver allowing more room for bolt travel, keeping the overall size of the weapon relatively compact while also keeping the recoiling bolt from excessively "bludgeoning" both weapon and shooter. Fixed sights, with the "SEMI. on the left side of the frame, safety switch next to the trigger guard and standard markings on the right side of the frame. The barrel is threaded for accessory mounting. Contoured grip.

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