Don't lose money on declining precious metal prices, we pay MORE on trade- See prices below.

I have a nice selection of New and Used firearms in the various classifieds or on my webpage at . I will trade these one or many for Gold, Silver, Platinum, or Palladium, and in some cases Bitcoin. On most PM's I offer Above Spot pricing, but will pay a little more for Gold and Silver Eagles, or other country minted coins (Panda's, Philharmonics, Maples, Krugerrands etc), can negotiate price of Morgans, but let's not get crazy. Will also accept pre 64 US minted coins at going face amount. Also SOME gold jewelry at scrap value.

When paying with Precious Metals there is NO TAX!!!

PLEASE TEXT (509)475-8125 for more info. 

Thank you,

Haynes and Sons Guns

Todays Rates (5/7/22) just for comparison, will assess at time of trade or lock in of trade. For up to date prices try Kitco app or .com, scrap and coin prices determined off of Coinflation app or .com

Silver Oz $22.34 Paying $4 Over Spot!

Gold Oz $1883 Paying $100 Over Spot Per Ounce!

Platinum Oz $956 Paying $50 Over Spot Per Ounce!

Palladium Oz $1972 Paying $100 Over Spot Per Ounce!

Pre 64 face $1=$16.18 Paying $3 Over Spot Per $1 face!

Just an example of how this works
(5/7/22)- On a $1000 gun, you would pay $1090 Cash out the door after tax, or $1122.70 if you used a Credit Card.

If you paid for that same gun with Silver you would pay 38 Ounces. The Silver at face is $848.92, you would save $241.08 against a cash purchase and $273.78 against a credit card purchase. How can you lose at these rates?

Text (509)475-8125 or go to  today to make a deal!