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Ensure that you are prepared for your next, or your first, visit to the range with the Range Ready. Available fully ambidextrous controls, left or right-handed shooters can more easily control the weapon.  Under the 16” LVOA rail lies a 14.58” barrel pinned and welded to their Top Hat muzzle device with proprietary blast shield.  The Range Ready Rifle come installed with the US Optics TS-8x with Rapid Ballistic Reticle.  This package enables the shooter to successfully engage targets out to 800m out of the case. The Range Ready comes factory mounted and bore-sighted.



  • Top Hat™Muzzle Brake & Blast Shield: Paired with their proprietary LVOA Rail Cut, their Top Hat muzzle brake reduces recoil and is compatible with their aftermarket Blast Shield that deflects noise and impulse away from the shooter.
  • LVOA® Rail Cut: Long a favorite of avid marksmen, the legendary LVOA® rail has returned with a design enhanced by modern engineering and manufacturing.
  • 14.58" Barrel: A 14.58” permanently pinned and welded to 16” barrel is cold hammer forged, nitride treated, and is chambered in 223 Wylde with a 1/8” twist for maximum durability and accuracy.
  • LVOA® Rail Barrel Nut & Lock: Aircraft grade aluminum barrel nut acts as a heat sync and anchors the proprietary locking mechanism with relentless reliability.
  • Fully Ambidextrous Lower Receiver: Every Ready Series lower receiver is machined to accept fully ambidextrous controls, and ships with an ambidextrous bolt release lever. Their ambidextrous model includes an ambi magazine release, ambi selector, and ambi charging handle, in addition to the standard ambidextrous bolt release lever.        
  • Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group: Their proprietary bolt carrier group is precision ported, has a lengthened cam pin slot for improved lockup, an expanded base to enhance stability during recoil, and a clean, stealthy look. Nitride treatment provides durability exceeding military specifications.
  • FRZ™ Cantilever Mount: ZRODelta’s cantilever and reflex mounts are second to none in the industry, and are acclaimed for their design, simplicity, and durability. Torqued to 65in-lbs, these mounts will provide a lifetime of dedicated use.
  • US OPTICS TS-8: The Rapid Ballistic Reticle enables shooters to rapidly acquire targets, range, and ballistically compensate drop for all popular 5.56 and 223 ammunition. The 1-8 power variable optic is crystal clear and the RBR is illuminated and daylight bright. 
  • 6-Position Adjustable Stock: A wide range of shooter physiologies, kit limitations, and personal preferences are accommodated by a fully adjustable buttstock, which can be locked into place in six different positions.



  • 14.58” 1:8 .223 Wylde Barrel, Permanently Pinned to 16”
  • Top Hat Muzzle Device w/ Blast Shield
  • ELG Fire Control Group
  • 16” Free Floating LVOA® Rail
  • Mission First Minimalist Stock & Grip
  • Weight: 8.1lb w/ optic
  • Length: 32-35”
  • ZRODelta FRZ™ Cantilever Mount
  • USO TS8 1-8x RBR