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Sterling 12 Ga. Buckshot shotgun shell that is filled by specially produced gunpowder for buckshot is very effective in big games in short distances with its perfect dispersing. It is possible to see the completely round shining buckshots through its patented high quality crystal upper wad. Besides, with its high brass case, it is resistant to high pressure under any condition. These are 2 3/4" shells and they are made in Turkey.



• High accuracy

• High pressure

• High performance

• QTY 9 Pellets per shell

• Excellent spread due to patented crystal upper wad




12 Gauge


Shot Type


00 Buck


Shot Size


9 Pellet


Rounds Per Box


10 Rounds Per Box


Boxes Per Case


20 Boxes Per Case


Muzzle Velocity


1295 fps


Shot Weight


1 oz

*** Sales CA & NY Require ammunition to be shipped to an FFL. 

*** Sales to IL Requires customer to provide ID and FOID before shipping

*** Sales to MA Requires customer to provide FID before shipping

*** Sales To NJ Requires customer to provide FPID before shipping

*** No Sales to Alaska or Hawaii