ACME north as a used Shadow Ops Weaponry "Red Dawn Tactical" semi-auto rifle with quad rail, combo fore grip/ bipod, Sig Sauer red dot sight and one magazine in 7.62 x 39.

Originally manufactured by Shadow Ops Weaponry, which is no longer in production, the "Red Dawn Tactical" semi-auto rifle uses the proven features of the AR platform but chambered in the powerful and hard-hitting 7.62 x 39 mm cartridge. Overall this rifle appears to be an excellent shape and features a quad rail fore end, combo forward handgrip/ adjustible bipod, Sig Sauer red dot sight, minimalist Mission First Tactical butt stock, milled billet lower receiver, stainless steel barrel with stainless steel compensator and improved textured pistol grip. The rifle comes with one curved magazine in 7.62 x 3 9mm. This rifle would be an excellent choice for all those that have previously attempted to convert their beloved and iconic AK series rifles into AR's!

Item number G-80847–1