Gas Masks, finally back in stock!

PROTECT YOURSELF FROM COVID!! Or other airborne contaminants. 

The MF14 Chemical gas mask  protects you from chemical, biological, and radioactive contamination. It’s a self-priming full face mask. A classic military gas mask. Comes with filter. 

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Uses and features:

●The MF14 gas mask is a new, direct-designed gas mask that provides effective protection against respiratory, spectacles and facial skin during chemical, biological and radioactive contamination. Available for military It can also be used in different fields such as industry, agriculture, warehouse and scientific research.

●The mask of the mask is injection molded from high-quality natural rubber, soft and suitable, and the surface is frosted. The elastic band has good elasticity and can be adjusted freely to ensure comfortable and airtight. The large triangular lens is made of polycarbonate, and the surface is specially treated to have an open field of view, good optical, abrasion and impact resistance.

 Protection object:

1. anti-salin Time is not small and 90 minutes;

2. Anti-VX aerosol is not less than 120 minutes;

3, anti-CNCL (dry) is not less than 32 minutes;

4. anti-CNCL (wet) is not less than 26 minutes;

5. anti-HCN is not less than 22 minutes;

6. The oil mist transmission coefficient of the poison tank is not more than 0.0003%;

7. The oil mist transmission rate is not more than 0.0003% (30L/min);

8. Inspiratory resistance is not more than 196 Pa (30 L / min);

9. The expiratory resistance is not more than 100 Pa (30 L/min);

10. Field of view: the total field of view is not less than 75%, and the binocular field of view is not less than 30%;

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