The CASTLE at Beechmont is at it again with a Limited Offer of Military Imported AK 47 Pistol chambered in the Huge 7.62x39 Caliber

The Hellpup tactical AK-47 pistol from Pioneer Arms in Poland Just Got Better with the introduction of the Hellpup Elite. The Hellpup Elite is manufactured in Radom Poland by Pioneer Arms . The original Hellpup and the Hellpup Elite are virtually identical with one unique exception. The Hellpup Elite features a factory installed picatinny optic base molded into the rear sight base. This unique optic rail has a V Notch in the rear allowing it to still be used as an open sight pistol, however, the user also now has the unique ability to add their preference of weaver based optics. Short Scopes, no problem... Red Dots, go for it., Quick Acquisition Reflex Sights, you betcha.... The mount is extremely stable as it is molded right into the rear sight base allowing for zero movement on the attached optic.