RARE CHANCE TO OWN Yugoslavian M72B1 RPK reconfigured, restored per US ATF rules, and RESTORED into a LIVE semi automatic Carbine rifle, by professional AK builders at Jamres River Armory. As you already likely know the M72 RPK type rifle is a Soviet design squad machine gun that is used for suppressive fire in battle, similar to the American equivalent of the M60 or FN Saw. These rifles are way over built to take abuse normal AKs would not typically encounter. JRA takes on average over 5 hours to build these BY HAND to restores these kits, with 1.5 mm thick heavy receivers, flared Yugoslavian type trunnions, and finned RPK type 16 inch carbine length new US barrel. I believe this rifle is built on the concept of ones seen in the battle fields where the rebels had taken the normal Soviet type RPKs with the traditional 21 inch barrel and tripod and cut the barrels down to make them more portable. The entire rifle is a restored/rebuilt to legal US ATF requirements, metal and stocks are in very nice shape, how still have marks, dings and use typical from military service. JRA uses HOT SALT BLUING to refinish to original. The trigger pulls is awesome. This is your rare change to get to own a former Yugoslavian battle rifle, already built by professionals and ready to use or collect. EVEN comes with a full factory warranty. I have thought about having one built, but when you add up the numbers and cost of the kit, barrel, fire control, extra US parts, shipping, and wait time, this rifle is a easy choice for a serious collector or shooter. Stock photos are used, differences in markings or no markings at all, wood grain and color etc. Some ship with a hard case, others with a soft case.  Available to those legal adults 18 year of age or older only, sales tax on all items, unless shipped out of state. All prices are in cash payment type, credit cards accepted with a 2.99% fee for processing non cash sale. I ship to any state where legal, 7 DAY A WEEK PHONE INFORMATION HOTLINE 52O 790 5017.