SAR9 Mete Safari 9mm Black Slide FDE Frame 

This SAR9 pistol features 4.5" hammer-forged barrel, 3-dot sights, interchangeable backstraps and panels, black slide

Avant-garde, polymer framed & striker-fired 9 mm.

Sarsılmaz’s highly anticipated new polymer gun. Its most important feature is the superior quality steel used in its barrel and slide for difficult conditions and heat treatment. It weighs only 780 g. The patterns on the side and back handles with three size options are laser machined.

Optimization of the weapon’s performance and low weight has been achieved with small, shaped and precise sheet metal parts that require advanced production capabilities.

The lightweight polymer framed, striker fired, 9mm, SAR9 points naturally and is a pleasure to shoot. With a choice of three insertable back straps to customize fit, a low barrel axes to grip ratio to lessen muzzle climb and 20 degree grip angle providing superior control and fast second shot recovery… accuracy is built in. Couple these features with a safety trigger that is smoother than a double action revolver and the SAR9 becomes the perfect carry-pistol when you want a round in the chamber.

Technical Specifications


CALIBER 9x19 mm




BARREL LENGTH 4.4 " - 113 mm

OVERALL LENGTH 7.5" - 193 mm

OVERALL HEIGHT 5.5"- 140 mm

OVERALL WIDTH 1.4" - 37 mm

OVERALL WEIGHT 27.1 oz - 770 gr