For sale is a WW2 German BMK SF ZGi Tank, Field Service Periscope with WWII Carl Zeiss SF14 Tripod for Trench Periscope. The tripod is maker marked with the code ( dqc ) for "Metallwarenfabrik Eugen Ising, Bergneustadt/Rhld. " one of the less common makers. This is a very nice, original WW2 German Wehrmacht Optics Tripod, as specifically used on the Selbstfahrlafetten-Zielfernrohr S.F. 14, Richtkreis RK-31 Mortar Sight, and others! This was used by both the Heer and Luftwaffe.

Every dial and screw/knob turns easily on both items. The lenses in the periscope seem to me to be pretty clear. I took the best photo I could (which is very hard to do!) of the optics.

Some history on this set:

in 1894, Carl Zeiss introduced a new and unusual type of prism binocular. Zeiss called its invention the Scherenfernrohr (scissors telescope) – an 8 x 10 power device fitted with adjustable twin periscopic extensions connected by a hinge. An observer could position the tubular “ears” upright and parallel to each other or splayed out horizontally for greater depth perception (stereoscopic vision), causing objects to appear in modeled relief, strongly distinct from the background and thus estimate the range. This hybrid between binoculars and a periscope enabled the observer to remain safely concealed in dug-outs, behind walls, or even tree trunks with only the objective lens visible to the enemy. By World War II the design remained virtually unchanged except for an upgrade in magnification to 10 x 50 and continued to be a useful tool in the Wehrmacht for general observation (in both vehicles and on the ground) and for artillery fire observation and direction throughout the war. It was to be used for Observation and reconnaissance; Measuring angles of azimuth; Measuring angles of site and elevation; Measuring the height of shell bursts; Establishing safety zones for advancing friendly troops, and to lay field guns.

This set originally sold on eBay in 2014 for $1,091 with shipping. The papers shown in the photo link are from the actual auctions. What you see in the photos is EXACTLY what you get. Nothing more, nothing less.

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