1.  For s early and rare SKS which appears to be a type 56 Jianshe Chinese "Ghost" rifle(7.62x39) with a couple extremely rare sino-soviet parts, Blade Bayonet, sling, and a cleaning kit in stock(please see pics on those parts which indicates that they are Sino-Soviet parts.  perfect condition inside. 1000$   factory 29.
2. New , type 56. in perfect condition. factory 306. sling, cleaning kit. 1000$
3. Sks , M, take Ak magazines. factory build no conversion.  sling and scope rail.1000$
4  Sks, M, take Ak magazines, factory new, sling, 1000$
Call only720 27 six six six 97.
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trades possible; vepr, saiga, arsenal, cz, colt, iwi, fn, ..