From Springfield's website;
"The Low Effort Slide on the XD-E™ 3.3" Single Stack .45 ACP requires 27 percent less locking force compared to a comparable striker-fired pistol, while the double-action/single-action trigger offers both an added layer of safety as well as the potential for Condition 1 carry. The loaded chamber indicator works both visually and by feel, while the 1911-style grip angle and "point and shoot" ergonomics make this XD-E uniquely shooter-friendly."

It's the old Springfield XD but now with a hammer.  Press down the manual safety and it'll double as a decocker if condition 2 is your thing; press up the manual safety and it is a regular safety regardless of the condition of the hammer.  The trigger is good for that purpose; heavy, long DA and light, short SA.  I like condition 2 carry.  6+1rds of 45acp though, less than a 1911 and almost as tall.  A bit pricey, but a good, versatile carry gun.  Any questions can be directed to our daytime phone number on the right side of the listing.

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