From Canik's website:
"The TP9SFx is designed for competitive shooting right out of the box. With standard features like multiple adapter plates for mounting most any reflex sight, adjustable magazine and ambidextrous charging handle for the quickest reload on the firing line, and Warren Tactical sights, the TP9SFx is your quickest route to the medal stand."

Canik's entry-level match handgun.  Two 20rd magazines.  Comes with adapter plates for various red dot sights.  Canik hung a bunch of stuff off of the trigger guard that gets in the way of the trigger path so I can't try out the trigger.   Extended magazine release.  Comes with an extended backstrap.  Cool option for those folks wanting to start getting into gun gaming but don't want to spend a ton of money up front.  Any questions can be directed to our daytime phone number on the right side of the listing.

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