ACME North has a new in the box Taylor and Company Schofield top-break six-shot single-action revolver in .45 Long colt.

The unique Schofield revolver was designed for the U.S. calvary by Major George Schofield to be operated with one hand while on horseback. This Italian made reproduction bears teh original Schofield patent dates (1871 and 1873) as well as "U.S." stamps and cartouches. This particular style revolver was also favored by the likes of Jesse James and Wild Bill Hickok. The Scholfield revolver opens for loading by pulling the top latch back with the thumb allowing the barrel to tilt away from the frame as the ejector lifts the spent cartride cases. This quality replica faithfully recreates theoriginal pistol with a forged blue steel frame, blued finish with various case hardened parts and a two piece walnut grip. This revolver would be an excellent acquisition for the shooter or collector!

Item number G-82227-1