The XD-E is an easy choice and one of the most versatile and adaptable platform that is built around ease of use. It takes advantage of its hammer fired action, allowing the gun to be racked and charged with ease. It sculpts Point & Shoot ergonomics into a sleek 1" wide polymer frame for ideal hand and holster fit, and has a unique DA/SA trigger system that allows multiple ways to carry and use it. The XD-E features a Low-Effort-Slide that requires 27 percent less effort to cycle the slide when compared to leading striker-fired pistols in its category. The exposed hammer is also an excellent feature that adds peace of mind by clearly showing the mode of carry the firearm is in. Both the thumb safety/decocker and magazine release are ambidextrous, and the thin 1" grip width makes packing this remarkable handgun painless.    NICS check applies, Call Todd at 313 485 7223   $550/ tax