From Standard Manufacturing's website;
"The S333 Thunderstruck™ sets the standard for the ultimate in personal protection by simultaneously firing two rounds of .22 Win Mag with each pull of the trigger. With four pulls of the trigger, eight rounds are fired in only three seconds."

The thought process, as I understanded it, is this; the FBI has been telling us for years that civilian involved shootings A.) happen at 3 yards B.) involve three rounds fired and C.) happen in three seconds or so.  So, it stands to reason if you want to increase the effectiveness of the defensive firearm, you increase the number of rounds fired in the same space of time.  You can't make it a self-loader, so you give it two barrels and sneak in under the ATF's definitions.  That makes it intersting if nothing else.  Any questions can be directed to our daytime phone number on the right side of the listing.

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