Great Deal: AR Lower Parts kit!!

For Sale: Brigade Firearms 9mm Ar Rifle

Comes with 1 33rd Glock 17 mag.  Rail appears to be keymod.  The small tube on the end of the barrel is not a surpressor, it just looks like one.  Contains heavy buffer according to the website. Item has no sights.  Item is semi-auto only, any markings to the contrary on the item are cosmetic only. Any questions can be directed to our daytime phone number on the right side of the listing.

Arrow Security Inc. is proud to offer *FREE* AZ CCW at our Phoenix location!  This is our gift to the Arizona public!  Visit  for details.

Premium Vendor Details Arrow Security Inc. Armslist Store
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    Glendale, Phoenix, Arizona
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  • CATEGORY Rifles
  • Caliber 9mm Luger (9x19)
  • Action Semi-Automatic
  • Firearm Type Rifle