Are you needing or wanting a custom holster for your firearm or special item?

We've got you covered here at Hughes Defense!

All of our holsters are hand crafted specific to your firearm or need.

Come see us today so we can get you outfitted with your own CUSTOM HOLSTER MADE BY HUGHES DEFENSE!

See below for our pricing:


Kydex Holster





Inside the Waistband Holster(IWB)

Basic Holster - $52.99

Single Mag Holster - $42.99

Basic Holster with light/laser/optic - $62.99

Double Mag Holster - $49.99

Mag Caddy – Appendix Carry - $99.99


Outside the Waistband Holster(OWB)

Basic Paddle Holster - $69.99

Basic Paddle Holster w/ light/laser/optic - $74.99

Basic Holster w/ Belt Loops or Butterfly Loops - $64.99

Basic Holster w/ Belt Loops or Butterfly Loops

+ light/laser/optic - $69.99

Drop Holster - $79.99

Thigh Holster - $139.99

Combo Holster(Drop & Thigh) - $179.99

Single Mag Holster - $46.99

Double Mag Holster - $59.99(paddle)



Ulti Clip (IWB ONLY) - $14.99

Belt Claw (IWB ONLY) - $14.99

Graphics - $19.99


Specialty Holsters

See Holster Smith for pricing


***Custom or ported slides are an additional $15***