Beretta M9 - Armed Forces Special Edition 

Welcome to an auction of my Beretta M9 which comes encased in a Glass Box etched with the Armed Forces Special Edition Logo. This is an unfired gun, a collectible and you can tell that its largely stayed in the box, being brought out for special occasions to be lovingly held and memories created.

This Beretta is the real deal. Its a Special Edition run by Beretta to commemorate the Armed Forces. The armorer I bought it from told me that it was kept as a fond memory of when the M9 was considered the military sidearm of choice and an officer's go-to weapon.

The magazine when removed shows some scratches and the overall condition is stiff. That's because it hasn't been used and kept in a box. Given the M9's history of reliability in the field and ruggedness, if you do decide to fire, I would give it a good cleaning, oiling and you should be ready to go.