32 ACP
The FN Browning Model 1922 is basically an enlarged version of the earlier FN Browning Model 1910. It featured a longer barrel, larger grip, and could hold two more rounds in its magazine compared to the Model 1910. Like the Model 1910, the Model 1922 was made in.
The Browning Model 1922 was a variant of the Browning Model 1910; one of a series of self-loading pistols designed by John M Browning and produced by Fabrique Nationale of Belgium. It was a simple, blowback (i.e. firing from an unlocked breech) design, which was chambered for either 7.65mm (.32) or 9mm Short (.380) ammunition.
It was created as a result of an order from the Kingdom of Yugoslavia for 60,000 pistols. To create a pistol with the barrel length and magazine capacity prescribed by the Yugoslavs, FN engineers quickly modified the existing Model 1910 pistol by extending the barrel and slide and deepening the frame to accept a larger magazine. The pistol was also sold commercially. During the Second World War it was kept in production under German occupation. Commercial production resumed after the war and continued until 1959.
Gun: FN Browning Model 1922
Manufacturer: Fabrique Nationale, Herstal, Belgium
Chambering: 7.65 mm Browning (.32 ACP)
Length: 7"
Manufactured: 1941


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