Preowned- Gun has rust pitting throughout the blueing and stock has a couple of Rub Marks, Bore is bright and clean and action functions perfect. Looks original and pretty good for a near 90 year gun
Iver Johnson 
Self Cocking Safety rifle 
.22s, .22 , .22lr
Unique Bolt Action with integrated safety
24" barrel
Single shot
Iver Johnson Model 2X Self Cocking Safety Rifle in 22 cal. The Model 2X was an improved version of the original Model X made with heavier components. The barrel measures 24'' and the stock is still a takedown model ending in a steel butt plate. The cocking and safety system is different from most bolts since the cocking knob falls to the side and is on safe till it is brought back to center.
If you want a cool little .22 from the 1930's check this out. 
$185 credit plus tax 
$179 cash plus tax
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