ACME North has a new in the box Beretta commercial version M9 semi-auto pistol with three 15 round magazines in 9 mm. 

At first glance this appears to be a faithful rendition and copy of the Beretta M9 as issued to the U.S. military. The issued Beretta M9 is a full-size service pistol with a 4.9-inch chrome lined barrel design to reduce wear and protect it from corrosion. The pistol is equipped with a non-replaceable front sight, a non-radiused dust cover and backstrap, open top slide and two stage firing pin. While the slide is incredibly smooth the downside is a trigger that is far from being smooth as it actually feels fairly stiff when firing in the double action mode. For some a heavy double action trigger pull is a dealbreaker, particulary for females and those with weak hands. However when one stops considered the Beretta M9 was originally designed as a military police pistol you start to appreciate the liability concerns and requirements for the first shot to be deliberate and intentional. The pistol is finished in what is identified as a Mil-Spec, Beretta patented Bruniton finish which is actually Teflon over parkerised finish.

Item number G-81639-1