Built right here in our Custom Shop, we started with an unissued, original barrel Hungarian AMD65 parts kit, a 4.5 Russian side folder rear end, and some other custom touches to make a fantastic platform of a rifle, we made a custom gas tube to accomodate an upper handguard, RPK 74 side optics mount, ALG AKT Enhanced Trigger, PWS Muzzle break, New ALG Springs, and some modern furniture, we refinished in our premium moly resin over parkerized finish, Also included is a custom tuned recoil sping and guide rod assembly used with a Dead Air Wolverine for Suppressed Subsonic Ammo and this little dude can shoot, we test all of our rifles at minimum range of 220 yards on a 10 inch steel plate and got 20 out of 20 hits.
This is an NFA firearm and must transfer on a form 4 in Oklahoma or a form 3 to a dealer in your State.