*New Girsan/Eaa 1911 Reserve 45 5” $499

Have you been looking for a 1911? The Girsan 1911 Reserve is the one! New at only $499 this firearm has been a fast seller, coming with one 8-rd mag and a smooth action you just can’t beat it.
This is a BRAND NEW FIREARM *see manufacture for warranty details.

Item Number: new stock

$549.99 plus sales tax and $10 state application fee.

Don't forget to load up on AMMO while you're here!

Big Bucks Pawn
1904 Dayton Blvd.
Red Bank, TN  37415

We are on Dayton Blvd. between Ace Hardware and Amigos.


-22 MAG

-25 AUTO
-32 S&W (low stock) 
- 9mm Fmj And  Hollow Point
- 9 Makarov  (low stock)
-380 auto  Fmj And  Hollow Point
-357 Magnum  Fmj And  Critical Defense (sold out)
-38 Special target and Hollow Point (sold out)
-40 S&W Fmj And Hallow Point
-45 Auto Fmj, Hollow Point, Self Defense
-30-06 (tracers)
-5.7X28 (low stock)
-12GA 20GA 410GA