Zev oz9c hypercomp

Ported barrel with integrated front site

Rmr cut

comes with 2 grip modules

Full size which makes it g45 size

Compact which makes it g19 size.

will come with 2 magpul g19 mags

3 oem g17 mags, 1 with +5, 1 with +2 and one normal

all og accessories


$2000 with holosun 508t v2

$1650 without holosun


Would like a walther pdp in compact or compact/full grip and cash

consider gen 5 9mm glocks and cash

shadow systems dr920 or mr920 and cash

cz scorpion with 7.7 barrel/faux suppressor and cash

open to multigun trades

open to pcc’s in 9mm

text: 9one9 4one3 one5one3