$659 plus tax, add 2% for credit cards.
Please contact me to arrange an appt.
Call+txt 52O+38O-6I87

Please be at least 21 and have an AZ ID (if CCW, process will be super quick!)

Anderson lower. Pistol buffer with Shockwave stealth brace. Colt-style magwell insert, 32rnd steel-insert poly mag; ready for your sights.

Since it uses a mag-well insert, you'll be able to swap in ANY caliber pistol upper, it's like 10 guns in one!

The pics don't show all the parts but you'll get EVERYTHING needed to build a complete pistol (no sights, everyone likes different ones)

We're a home based, family-owned and operated licensed firearms dealer (FFL) located in west Mesa. You'll complete a 4473 form and a standard NICS background check prior to the purchase.