Built like a tank, compact, almost all steel construction, easy to field strip and still here after almost two decades. Very Nice Česká Zbrojovka vzor 70 or aka in the US CZ70 pistol in really nice condition, 7.65mm or more known here as .32ACP. The importer did a good job on these when bring them in the country with care. The import mark is discreetly marked on the trigger guard or small print on the frame. The importer also used the original serial numbers adding only to most of them an extra "X". Over the years many of these were imported with import marks over the slide and the serial numbers were re numbered on the frame with no regard to collectable. Great piece of history to be proud to own or a tried and true target shooter. Not many to sell, importer currently out, so I can't get more.  I SHIP TO ALL STATES WHERE LEGAL, IL, NY, NJ, ETC. All items subject to sales tax and stock on hand, prices may change without notice. 2.99% processing fee for all credit card transactions. SHIPPING AVAILABLE, VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. 7 DAY A WEEK PHONE INFORMATION HOTLINE 52O 790 5017.