6000+ rds in stock..."not on consignment", from an actual distributor.

Please stop overpaying for this imported ammo. It is currently in stock!  The ad will be adjusted when the supply is out temporarily if/when that occurs.

$12 a box of 20 out the door cash price!

$567.10 for 1000rds cash out the door price!

Please stop wasting your money buying this imported ammunition from price gouging, greedy folks. As dealers we must make a profit to stay in business, however, I personally feel that the profit margin of 100% or greater is simply greed. You know who they are, and they claim "WE APPRECIATE AND VALUE OUR CUSTOMERS !" while they make 100% profit. 

I AM making a profit make no mistake about that, that is how my business survives and continues. I will NOT however, knowingly gouge my customer base and add to the already increased state of instability in the firearm/ammunition market.

At the end of the day, as the commercial says, it's your money, spend it how and where you like!