For Sale: 1937 Izhevsk Arsenal M91/30 Mosin Nagant rifle chambered in 7.62x54R. This gun has multiple markings indicating it was captured by Finland, including a prominent "SA," "3600" and "D" on top of the receiver, and a "B" under the barrel. The bolt is 'Finn-Matched' to the receiver, with the serial # written on top of the bolt handle. The stock is original, and not arsenal refinished. Bore is shiny and rifling is well defined. Rifle was most likely captured by Finns in the winter war of 1939/40. The rifle has an import mark under the barrel "SAMCO MIA FL." Comes with a non-matching bayonet. Asking $425 obo. Text: REDACTED

tags: antique, historical, curio, relic, classic, world war, Russia, soviet, milsurp, surplus, 9mm, Glock, ruger, smith, sig, 5.56, .22, .308, .40, .45, 12, 20