Reising Target Pistol
.22LR only standard power
Tip up barrel
Factory 12 round magazine
*** Not drop safe****

$620 credit plus tax
$599 cash plus tax 

The Reising pistol was the product of the fertile mind of Eugene G. Reising, a design engineer employed by Colt in the very early twentieth century. Reising worked directly for John Browning during the development of the 1911 pistol. Leaving Colt and venturing forth on his own, he received a patent for a new .22 pistol on May 16, 1916, and formed the Reising Arms Company in Hartford, CT in 1920, moving it to New York City in 1922.

Reising obtained an updated patent (U.S. Patent #1395141) on his .22 pistol on October 25, 1921, and his factory proceeded to produce approximately 5,000 of these handguns. The pistol’s popularity was evidently not strong enough for the company to maintain financial solvency, causing it to close its doors in 1924 after only four years of production.

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