I have to move soon due to some unforsen family issues (family member out west has cancer and I need to help take care of her). This gun is my baby; I've only put 500 rounds through it. It is an OD green Ps90. It has the original Belgian scope on it but I will also include the Tri-Rail (in case you want to mount a red dot or optic on it, if you look it up that piece of metal from FN is several hundred dolars). The gun will come with 5 50 round magazines, the Tri-Rail, 5 military grade magazine pouches, an Urban-E.R.T. sling set up for the gun, and an FN Ps90 brass collector. This gun is basically brand new, it was my "safe queen." I really don't want to sell it but I have upcoming medical bills and need money for my move to Arizona to be with my aunt. There are no scratchs on the gun and the rifling is perfect (may as well be brand new). This will be one of the first things that gets banned soon. If you look at the price of the gun plus all the add on's you'll see why the price is quoted as it is. 

Will only sell it to someone in the Charlotte area and you would have to meet me at a gunshop to legally transfer the firearm from me to you. Preferably Hyatt's because I like their store and it's a safe enviornment.