9mm hollow point and Full Metal Jacket 
.45 acp hollow point and Full Metal Jacket 
.300 Blackout SUBSONIC 
.223 soft point and Hollow point 
.40 caliber full metal jacket and Hollow Point 
.41 Magnum 
.380 Hollow Point and Full Metal Jacket 
5.56 62 grain Green Tip 
7.62x39 Subsonic
7.62x51 Full Metal Jacket 
Too much to list!
Please stop by the Logan, Utah Crossroads of the West Gun Show at the fairgrounds. 
Hige Selection of Guns and Ammunition. 
Over 50,000 Rounds in stock.
At the Ogden show we sold out by Saturday. 
Show opens at noon on Friday. 
Cash discounts. 
No Sunday show!