A very good condition, all matching, Norinco SKS in the paratrooper configuration which has a 4 inch shorter barrel and it has a nice 4x scope.
It also has a matching Chinese sling with it that has leather straps and it is adjustable and in excellent condition. I also have the front sight adjustment tool for windage and elevation.
The rifle has a cleaning kit that is located in the stock that contains a disassembly pick, bore brush, and cleaning jag.

I have 40 rounds of 7.62x39 ammo for it on stripper clips, I am also very sure that this ammo is corrosive which just means you will need to clean the rifle a little more thoroughly after shooting it.
The scope is very clear and the bore is nice and bright. The internals are very clean and it runs smoothly. 
There is also a very nice carrying bag that has a very soft inside and is in good condition.

Will need to fill out a bill of sale and get it notarized

Can text at  four80 44seven forty-three 46